Today, no one is surprised by such a concept as a 3D format. But what is 3D scanning used for? It is actively used in various areas of our lives, including the scanning process. That is why our article will be devoted to the 3D scanner. As the name implies, a 3D scanner is designed to work with volumes; this device allows you to create an accurate three-dimensional model, which makes it an important part of the 3D printer. 

What is 3d scanning technology?

One of the components of 3D technology is the 3D scanning technique, which allows you to quickly and easily obtain a digital model of the desired product.

Scanners analyze and digitally reproduce the three-dimensional model of the object, its shape and color with a high degree of detail. 3D-scanners are: 

  • contacting (scanning occurs when the scanner is in direct contact with the object under study); 
  • and non-contact: using backlight and built-in cameras (the device measures the distance to the object from different angles, and then analyzes the data and transforms into a three-dimensional model), with the help of a laser beam (it measures distances at given points and already on the basis of this information coordinates are displayed, and a 3D model is created). 

However, for most of us, these parameters are not so important. If you need to buy a 3D scanner, it is better to pay attention to the following: 

  • accuracy of data transmission; 
  • expansion (the closer its points to each other, the better the image); 
  • weight and mobility. 

Who knows: maybe 3D scanners will become commonplace in our homes and offices in the near future. Meanwhile, they are increasingly used in medicine (dentistry, plastic surgery, prosthetics, organ models, etc.), computer games, design, architecture, film industry, engineering, automotive and archaeology.