3D printers have long ceased to be a wonder for many people. These devices are increasingly found not only in manufacturing plants, but also in engineering and design companies. They are actively used by consumers both for personal needs (creating souvenirs, figurines) and for work purposes, moreover, in a wide variety of areas – medicine, construction, science, car making, etc.

However, all this would be impossible without 3D scanners, which transfer data about a physical object into digital format and, using 3d scanning software, create a three-dimensional model, which can then be sent for printing. Scanning, in fact, is only the first stage of work, while the main part of it falls on the processing of the collected information.

Specialized software not only analyzes the information received and creates a virtual copy on its basis, but also helps to eliminate possible errors and errors made in the scanning process and much more.

Today, we will tell you about the most popular programs for 3D scanners, which allow you to solve almost any user problem.

Artec Studio

High-quality software with a wide range of tools. At the same time, you can use it without even having the skills to work with such programs. The “Autopilot” mode was developed especially for such users, which simplifies the process of processing 3D scanning data as much as possible, independently selecting algorithms based on the user’s answers.

Allows you to control the quality of a 3D model not only at the processing stage (compatible with Geomagic Control X) but also in the process, giving a color signal about how close / far the operator is from the object when scanning.

The program itself is able to select the degree of sensitivity of the scanner, as it can analyze the type and complexity of the surface. This makes it possible to digitize even dark and shiny objects.

It defines the colors and configuration of the scanned object well, making it unnecessary to apply markers. Suitable for formatting scans for CAD.

Artec Studio easily handles large volumes of data, making it ideal for 3D scanning of various buildings and structures, etc. All operations are performed very quickly and efficiently. This 3d scan software MAC can work with scans on Windows as well.


One of the most used and handy 3d model scan software. It is distinguished by its quality and versatility, as it is suitable for many models of 3D printers.

It analyzes the data obtained with a 3D scanner and creates an accurate 3D model. If you need to make some changes, then it will be quite easy to do, since the program is very simple and straightforward to use.

RapidForm has several types of programs:

  • XOS – designed to regulate and control 3D scanning, as well as processing the resulting images.
  • XOR is widely used in design, as it has a huge number of tools for 3D modeling. With its help, you can create high-precision 3D models (point cloud) of almost anything.
  • XOV – allows you to control the quality of the resulting three-dimensional image, which makes it possible to maximize its detail.

Polygon Edition Tool

If you are a fan of Konica Minolta printers, you can safely install the Polygon Edition Tool. This is free 3d scanning software.The main functions of the program:

The ability to “stitch” scans. After scanning, the application forms a cloud of points located in the coordinate system.

  • The function of combining these points into one model
  • Further, editing the virtual object
  • Creation of polygonal models and their editing
  • The ability to conduct transactions with structures

Geomagic Control X / Design X / Wrap

Professional programs for 3D scanning Geomagic are presented in 3 versions: Wrap, Control X, Design X. They use the latest technologies for topological shape recognition. They can not only project a three-dimensional image of an object, but also analyze the degree of its possible wear and tear. Often used in reverse engineering.

  • Geomagic Design X is a 3D reversible design software. Provides the ability to combine CAD and 3D scan processing based on design, resulting in detailed CAD models. This can be done both in automatic mode and manually by setting parameters and editing the processing of point clouds and polygonal meshes.
  • Geomagic Control X – software for quality and geometry control of 3D models. Provides users with a wide range of tools to improve their scanning performance with reporting and data analysis capabilities.
  • Wrap: Used for processing point clouds and polygonal meshes, used in modeling and design. It works quickly and accurately, making it possible to optimize the resulting model, without losing the original properties of the object, such as texture and texture. After processing the scanned data using Wrap, the created 3D project can be printed. Suitable for working with both small and large objects.

The Geomagic software package, like other analogues, allows you to control the quality of scans and export 3D models created on their basis in various formats.

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